Brock’s Performance tuned 2008 Suzuki Hayabusa cracks 200mph

Brock’s Performance tuned 2008 Suzuki Hayabusa cracks 200mph

Brock’s Performance tuned 2008
Suzuki Hayabusa cracks 200mph

Maxton, NC-October 21, 2007–The 2008 Suzuki ripped across the one mile concrete runway at an incredible 202.57591mph becoming the first and only official Generation-II Hayabusa to venture into 200mph territory. On Sunday, October 21st, at the final day of the final ECTA land speed meet of the 2007 season, the Brock Davidson prepared project Hayabusa was cleared for competition as rider, Lee Shierts, left the starting line on the course known as the “Monster Mile”. Seconds later the bike was screaming down the runway on its way to making history.

Then ECTA president, Joe Timney, who personally oversaw the computerized timing of the run, came across the radio to announce the happening. Brock also took his turn as rider and got in on the action with a solid back-up pass of 201.31526mph, showing that Lee’s 202mph run was not a stroke of luck. Brock later commented that, “No matter what anyone tells you, 200mph is damn
fast on a motorcycle!”

“Of course, we are very pleased to be the first 08 Busa to go over 200mph, but to be honest the bike has a lot more left in it. With more time and tuning, I feel like it will go even faster” said owner and tuner, Brock Davidson. “We only had a few days to prepare the bike, and its performance is proof that the new Hayabusa is an incredible motorcycle right out of the crate.”

In order to prepare the bike for the ECTA sanctioned event, Brock completed minor modifications to comply with the ECTA safety requirements such as an Ohlins steering damper and a Tiger Racing metal chain guard.

Then he also added his own Brock’s Performance Alien Head exhaust system for maximum power. The bike was also set-up with a Dynojet Power Commander III USB with his “Maxton Mapping” to handle the fueling. Dave Owen also installed an Innovate LM-1 basic and a LMA-3 data acquisition system to aid with track-side tuning.


Then Brock fitted the bike with his own “Ultra clutch” modification kit and a front and rear suspension lowering package. World Wide Bearings provided ceramic bearings and Richie’s Tires was the supplier for the high-speed rated Michelin Pilot Power Race tires. The bike was also outfitted with Vortex aluminum sprockets (stock gearing) as well as Spiegler brake lines. The team also used Chicken Hawk tire warmers and a special “Brock modified” Regina 530 chain. The engine was lubricated with Alisyn engine oil and VP-MR9 fuel was used through out the event. Internally the engine was 100% stock and everything used on the bike is available right off the website which makes 200mph a reality for anyone with enough guts and talent to ride it.


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